Volunteer Opportunities

Cowtown Boxer Rescue is always in need of volunteers. If you’d like to be involved, but you are unsure what you can do to help, we have compiled the following list of ways ANYONE can help. Without our volunteers, Cowtown Boxer Rescue could not exist, and no matter how small or how large your contribution is, it is invaluable to us!

How can you help?

There are many different ways YOU can help us save boxers. Please don't become overwhelmed, you can choose an opportunity that best fits your level of interest.


  • Foster a boxer in need. CBR is always looking for quality foster homes. Fostering a dog can seem like a huge commitment, and it can be without the support of the rescue. But don't worry, we will be here to help you along the way, so you can experience how fulfilling fostering can be for you.


  • Transport a boxer being adopted or fostered. Many of our volunteers work full time jobs and are always grateful when others can help get their fosters to and from events, vets, etc.

  • Our adoption process includes a "Home Visit", where a volunteer visits in the home of the potential adopters to ensure the home is a good fit for one of our boxers, and to learn the wishes and needs of the adopter.


  • Donate beds, toys and crates. 

  • Donate bowls and food.

  • Donate a wire crate.

  • Donate leashes and collars.

  • Give a gift certificate to a pet store so the rescue organization can get needed supplies.

  • Make a monetary donation. Every boxer that we bring into our rescue immediately sees a vert for a complete physical and vetting for any health complications. Most boxers will require some additional treatment, such as heartworm treatments. And while CTBR does FBR does charge an adoption fee, in most cases that fee does not cover the full vetting that the boxer will receive. For that reason, any donation you can make is ALWAYS appreciated.

  • Offer your professional services - marketing, photography, event planning...most professional skills are easily called upon for rescue!

  • Donate dog-related items for auctions and raffles the organization may offer.


  • Offer to help out with fundraisers or other public event.


  • Take time to tell other friends and family members about the rescue organization. Many times our contacts are looking for a Boxer and might not even know about Boxer Rescue adoptions.

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to complete our application.  We ask that you complete our foster application, as many of our volunteers eventually decide to foster. By completing the foster application, you will not be expected to foster until you decide on your own.