More Donation Opportunities

There are ways to donate to Cowtown Boxer Rescue through daily activities. Do you shop for groceries? Walk your dog? Shop on Amazon? All of these every day activities allow you to donate to CBR...and it's easy! 

These opportunities only require you set us up as your charity of choice, then there is nothing left to do but what you do!

Kroger community rewards with card copy.

Your Donation Is Appreciated

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and our group is made up of 100% volunteers. These are the amazing people that care for the abused, homeless, unwanted, and sick boxers that we take into the rescue. 


We rely solely on our adoptions, private donations, fundraisers and events to help fund all the medical treatments, training and all the other expenses that come with rehabilitation. 

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Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

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