Our Adoption Process & Requirements

Adoption Requirements


  • You must live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are 100% volunteer based, and we rely on our volunteers to handle different parts of the application/adoption process.

  • You must be 21 years of age.

  • All pets in the household must meet the following vetting requirements:

    • All must be spayed or neutered

    • All must be up to date on required vaccinations

    • All must be on heartworm preventative

  • If you have children under 5, we need to be sure the family understands that children must respect the pets in the household.

  • Applicants that rent must provide the name and contact information for their landlord/property manager, and the landlord/property manager must provide approval for the allowance of pets in the home.

  • Dominance issues can result when two adult females are living in the same home, for that reason, we do not place our females in homes with other females.

  • We do not adopt boxers as gifts.

  • We do not adopt to homes where the boxer is expected to live outdoors.

  • We do not adopt out of state.

  • We require a home with a six foot high fenced in yard. We do not permit the use of electronic fences or invisible fences. 


Adoption Application


  • Completion of the adoption application begins the process.

  • The application can be found online at PETSTABLISHED/COWTOWN BOXER RESCUE.

  • The application will be assigned to a member of the application committee for review.

  • The application must be completed in its entirety.


Initial Review


  • Each application will be reviewed to ensure they meet the requirements listed above.

  • If necessary, the applications processor will be contacting your vet and landlord to confirm all necessary information and approvals, as well as your references.

  • Due to the volume of applications received, and the availability of your vet/landlord/references, this part of the process can take up to a week.


Home Visit


  • Once the initial application is reviewed, and all requirements are met, a Home Visit is the next step in the process.

  • This is a critical step in our process, as we will visit you in your home.

  • We use this visit to ensure the home is safe, but also to understand your wants/needs in a pet, so we can help you find the perfect addition to your family.

  • If you have pets, this visit allows us to meet your pets and get to know a little about their personality and temperament.

  • If you have children, this visit allows us to review the important behaviors that must be accepts when dogs and children live in a home.

  • We may ask a lot of questions and ask to see various areas of your home including the backyard, please know this is so we can make the best decision regarding your application.

  • It is critical that all members of the family are present during the visit.



Meet & Greets


  • If approved, you will be notified by the applications team.

  • We will work with you to review our available boxers and your needs in order to determine which boxer may be the best fit for you.

  • Our goal is to ensure the best possible fit to ensure the boxer is placed into the correct home. You may find that the boxer you are interested is not a fit for your family.

  • We rely on our foster homes to provide the information on our boxers, as they live with them and have the best feel for their personality, temperament and needs in a forever home.

  • Once we match a potential boxer with you, our foster family will bring the boxer to our home to meet you/your family/your pets.

  • If you have pets in your home, we do our best to ensure a safe/controlled meeting for the dogs so the meeting is successful.

  • If we/the foster home feel the meeting was not successful, and the dog is not a good fit, please do not take it personally. We want to ensure both you/your family and our boxers have long term success.


Adoption Time!


  • Be sure you are prepared and have purchases all the necessary supplies needed to make your boxer’s transition is a success; such as food, treats, food/water bowls, collar/leash and crate if needed.

  • All adoption contracts and fees are process electronically. We may take care of the contract/fee prior to or on the day of the adoption.

  • All vet records will be provided after the adoption is complete.

  • Every dog adopted will come with the following:

    • Current on vaccinations and dewormed​

    • Spayed/neutered

    • Microchipped

    • Will be treated for heart worm and/or on heart worm prevention

    • Any additional prior medical problems will be treated and paid for by the rescue