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1st Annual Charity

Golf Tournament

On behalf of the volunteers and boxers of Cowtown Boxer Rescue we want to thank everyone that came out to play, support and volunteer!

Thanks to your support, we raised over $13,600! YES!!! That is $13,600 that will go to the rescue of boxers in Texas.

We could not have been this successful with your support!

Thank You to the following individuals and organizations for donating prizes and auction items:

5149 ½

Alexa Moreno

Ashley Photography

Blue Mesa

Brodnax Promo

Camp Gladiator

Capital Title Colleyville

Clampitt Paper

Dr. Josh Cope

Cowtown Canine

Cowtown Canine

Fernando Ramsey

Hollywood Feed


Houston Hilton Golf Club

Interceramic USA

Kelly Arasmith

Krista Ramirez Melcher

Las Vegas Golf Club

Lone Star Brahmas

Marianne Cox

Marisa Firth

Meg Paxton

Mel Robinson

Michele Holway

Park Hill Fine Art Portraits

Pete & Sandra Pacholick

Print Art Samples

Roxann Hailey

Sarah Pacholick

She's Gone Bananas

Sturgeon Marketing Group

Temperature Pro DFW

Three Dog Bakery

Varidoc XL

What a Great Dog Training


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